Hubbard Elementary - 311 East Porter Road, Kuna, ID 83634
Teed Elementary - 441 East Porter Road, Kuna, ID 83634

Welcome To Hubbard and Teed Elementary Schools!

On behalf of all of the staff of Hubbard and Teed Elementaries we would like to welcome you to our schools.Hubbard Elementary is the primary elementary school educating kindergarten through third grade students. Teed Elementary is our intermediate elementary school educating fourth through six grade students.  We are proud to work together as one staff with PAWSome kids and families!!  
Positive Attitude - Appropriate Actions - Working Together - Safety First

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principal rognlie

Hubbard Principal - Donene Rognlie

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Hubbard Teed Staff Contacts

Staff Contacts


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  • Welcome to Kindergarten!  


    Daily Schedule (except Wednesdays & early release days)

    AM Kinder 8:00 - 11:00

    PM Kinder 11:45 - 2:45

    All Day Kinder 8:00 - 2:45


    Wednesday Schedule

    AM Kinder 8:00-10:30

    PM Kinder 11:15-1:40


    Our Amazing Teachers

    Mrs. DeForest

    Mrs. Saunders

    Mrs. Snyder


    Kinder Grow Teachers

    Mrs. Hartzmann

    Mrs. Christensen

    Director: Mrs. Proctor



  • First Grade

    Our Amazing Teachers!

    Mrs. Ritchie
    Miss Hanson
    Mrs. Storm
    Mrs. Deming 
    Mrs. Griffith


  • Second Grade

    Our Amazing Teachers!

    Mrs. Ayers
    Miss Gray
    Mrs. McNeeley
    Miss Crow (combo 2/3 class)

  • Third Grade

    Our Amazing Teachers!

    Mrs. Parker

    Mrs. Anthony


    Miss Crow (2/3 Combo Class)

  • Fourth Grade

    Our Amazing Teachers!

    Mrs. Griffith

    Mrs. Roberts 

    Mrs. Angle

    Mrs. Hunter (4/5 Combo Class)

  • Fifth Grade

    Our Amazing Teachers!

    Mrs. Hunter (4/5 Combo Class) 

    Mrs. Smith 

    Mrs. Marshall

    Mrs. Libby


  • Sixth Grade

    Our Amazing Teachers!


    Mrs. Wilson

    Mr. Jones

    Mrs. Amendola

  • Specials

    Mrs. Edwards - Teed Music

    Mrs. Folkins - Hubbard Music

    Mr. Beers - Teed PE

    Mr. Jefferies - Hubbard PE

    Mrs. Gamboa - Teed library

    Mrs. Boone - Hubbard library


Timberwolf News

  • District and Community eFlyers

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  • Building Readers Newsletter

    Building Readers Newsletter

  • Back to School Night Open House

    Come meet your child's teacher and drop off school supplies.
    August 22, 2017

    4:30-6:30 p.m.

  • First Day of School

    August 24, 2017